We want to share with the world all the charms and flavors of the Region of Setúbal.
That’s why we plan unique experiences awaiting everyone who wants to embark on this trip that is Discover Arrábida.
Take a look at our tours and check in. We are waiting for you!

Walking Downtown Setúbal

The Sado’s river and Serra da Arrábida are more than enough reasons to visit the city of Setúbal. But… you can  discover much more walking around in the streets of the city.

  • 3h
  • 25€

Arrábida Gastronomic & Wine

A walking tour through the most emblematic and genuine neighborhoods, a lunch in a local tap house and a cellar wine visit makes this, for sure, a true “Setubalense” tour!

  • 7h
  • 90€

Palmela, Azeitão & Arrábida

With an amazing panoramic view of Sado Estuary, the Castle of Palmela is a great monument that welcome us in this tour, which will surprise you with more tourist stops in Azeitão and Arrábida’s Mountain Range.

  • 4h:30m
  • 50€

Palmela, Sesimbra & Cabo Espichel

A castle’s route but also a route of stunning landscapes. From Palmela Castle to Sesimbra Castle, you will have the opportunity to find out the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora do Cabo Espichel. One unmissable tour!

  • 4h30m
  • 50€

Setúbal, Arrábida, Azeitão, Sesimbra & Cabo Espichel

Relax in this tour that invites you to travel among nature, history and gastronomy of Setúbal Region. We will give you excuses to come back to Portugal by preparing a visit to a winery or a local factory where tiles are painted by hand.

  • 9h
  • 70€

Arrábida & Wine

The wine is the host of this tour that will take us to visit two different wineries. But after all what makes the Península of Setúbal wines so great? Come, taste and find out!

  • 4h 30m
  • 50€

Arrábida & Wine

A wine expedition for enotourism lovers. A full day visiting wineries, where you can appreciate distinct flavors in different tastes.

  • 9h
  • 90€

Troia Peninsula & Comporta

A ferry boat travel it’s the distance that separate the city of Setúbal from Alentejo coast. Stunning white sand beaches, with a clear blue water, are waiting for you in this tour from Tróia to Comporta. All on board?

  • 9h
  • 85€

Comporta on your Own

Comporta is the perfect summer refuge and we know why. There are several reasons that make Comporta one of the holidays destinations with more glamour in Portugal. Take a look!

  • 6h / 8h
  • 60€ / 75€

Évora Sights & Cork

Évora is an excellent business card of “our” Alentejo. A guided tour of this “city-museum” is the proposal of this tour that invites us to travel through the world of cork.

  • 9h
  • 90€

Lisbon Cultural & Historical

And for those who chose to stay in Setúbal we present the perfect tour to visit Lisbon. The history and culture of the Portuguese capital will be present in this tour which includes panoramic visits through the city and passage through the bridges that connect the two banks of the Tejo.

  • 5h30m
  • 65€

Lisboa in your own words

As the name suggests we want you to feel and live Lisbon according to your preferences. And for you to have a tour to suit you we have a driver at your disposal.

  • 5h / 9h
  • 50€ / 75€

Lisboa by Night

Lisbon at night has another charm. So why not a dinner in the Portuguese capital? There are numerous restaurants and programs you can do in Lisbon … by night!

  • 4h30m / 6h
  • 120€ / 250€

Services at your requests

Do you want a shopping day? Are you in a business trip and have spare time for a tour? Did you need a transport for a leisure day? You can request this service for different purposes.

  • 4h30m / 6h
  • 120€ / 250€

Nature Tour

Arrábida mountain range meets all the requirements to become one of the most authentic experiences in the nature. A Portuguese poet, Sebastião da Gama, called Arrábida the “mother mountain” and we easily understand why!